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Nitte University Funded Research Projects

Sl. No NAME OF THE STUDENT NAME OF THE GUIDE(S) Project Title Amount Sanctioned (Rs) University Research Grant No. Status
Ms. Alafiya A Matcheswala Dr. K Ishwar Bhat Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel oxazine derivatives derived from coumarinyl chalcones 10,000 NUSR2/2018/10/23 Ongoing
1 Ms. Alby Mariya Thomas Dr. Juno J. Joel A retrospective study on anti-malariall drug usage pattern in a tertiary care hospital 2,000 NUSR2/2018/10/24 Ongoing
2 Ms. Ankitha Sharma S Dr. Anoop Narayanan V Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles containing Bacopa monnieri extract 10,000 NUSR2/2018/10/25 Ongoing
3 Ms. Apoorva Dr. M Vijay Kumar In-vitro Angiotensin convertase enzyme inhibitory activity of Madhuca longifolia with antioxidant background: An Approach to target AT Receptors 7,800 NUSR2/2018/10/26 Ongoing
4 Ms. Ashwathi Yashwanth Dr. Marina Koland Crushable gel beads of agar for topical delivery of Vitamin C from Cosmetic creams 7,000 NUSR2/2018/10/27 Ongoing
5 Ms. Daniel Anila Roy Dr. Uday Venkat Mateti Association of sleep quality, pain severity and depression in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis 3,000 NUSR2/2018/10/28 Ongoing
6 Ms. Iola Sandria Rodrigues Dr. B. C. Revanasiddappa Molecular Docking and Anti-diabetic activity of Novel Thiazolidinone Derivatives 6,500 NUSR2/2018/10/29 Ongoing
7 Ms. Kadeeja Vadakkan Dr. Rajesh K. S. Clinical utility and management of alcohol withdrawal syndrome in medical hospital-benzodiazepine focused 8,000 NUSR2/2018/10/30 Ongoing
8 Ms. Karukakulam Sandra Dominic Mr. Nandakumar U. P. A retrospective study on drug utilization evaluation of cephalosporins in general medicine ward of a tertiary care hospital 2,000 NUSR2/2018/10/31 Ongoing
9 Ms. Krithi S P Dr. Anoop Narayanan V. Preparation and in vitro evaluation of Curcuminentr-apped Nano Silver Scaffolds 7,000 NUSR2/2018/10/32 Ongoing
10 Ms. Lavanya Shetty Mr. M. Vijay Kumar In Vitro Angiogenic activity of Plumeria Acutifolia 6,850 NUSR2/2018/10/33 Ongoing
11 Ms. Maitha M Mr. Sandeep D. S. Development and in vitro evaluation of topical Emulgel of Aceclofenac 7,706 NUSR2/2018/10/34 Ongoing
12 Ms. Nikitha Alisha Gaga Dr. B. C. Revanasiddappa Molecular docking approach: Novel 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives targeting thymidylate synthase as anticancer agents 6,500 NUSR2/2018/10/35 Ongoing
13 Ms. Prithvi C Dr. Abhishek Kumar Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel thiazine derivatives derived from coumarinyl chalcones 9,800 NUSR2/2018/10/36 Ongoing
14 Ms. Ramya D Dr. Marina Koland Fast mouth dissolving lyophilized wafers for oral delivery of glipizide 4,500 NUSR2/2018/10/37 Ongoing
15 Mr. Rishab P Mr. Bharath Raj K. C. Prevalence and drug utilization pattern in hepatic impairment patients at a tertiary care hospital 1,500 NUSR2/2018/10/38 Ongoing
16 Ms. Roshna Roy Mr. Bharath Raj K. C. Prevalence and risk factors of microalbuminurea in type 2 diabetes mellitus 3,000 NUSR2/2018/10/39 Ongoing
17 Ms. Sanimah Moideen Kunhi Dr. Himanshu Joshi Development and Standardization of papaya ghritha: A remedy for dengue 6,365 NUSR2/2018/10/40 Ongoing
18 Ms. Sharanya P Dr. Ronald Fernandes In-Vitro Urease Inhibitory Activity of Samanea saman (Jacq.) Merr Pods 7,000 NUSR2/2018/10/41 Ongoing
Ms. Shebin P Kurian Mr. Bharath Raj K. C Prospective observational study on quality of life in cardiac surgery patients with prolonged intensive care 1,500 NUSR2/2018/10/42 Ongoing
Ms. Sherin P Cheriyan Dr. Divya Jyothi Green Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Coleus amboinicus leaf extract 10,000 NUSR2/2018/10/43 Ongoing
Ms. Soundarya M Rai Dr. Pankaj Kumar Insilico, synthesis and antibacterial activities studies of substituted dihydro-1,2-oxazole benzopyran-2-one hybrids 10,000 NUSR2/2018/10/44 Ongoing
Ms. Susheela S Dr. Sneh priya Formulation and in vitro evaluation of ethosomes as vesicular carrier for enhanced topical delivery of tolnaftate 6,000 NUSR2/2018/10/45 Ongoing
Ms. Swathi Pai Dr. Jobin Jose Formulation and evaluation of aloe vera cream as a photoprotective agent 8,890 NUSR2/2018/10/46 Ongoing
Ms. Swetha P Shenoy Dr. Jainey P. James Design, Synthesis, Molecular Docking and ADME prediction of Azetidinone Derivatives as antitubulin agents 7,000 NUSR2/2018/10/47 Ongoing
Ms. Vandana P Dr. Anoop Narayanan V. Curcumin-Silver nanocomposites for antibacterial applications in MRSA infections 10,000 NUSR2/2018/10/48 Ongoing
Ms. M Ankitha Prabhu Mr. Srinivas Hebbar Formulation and evaluation of Shankha Bhasma Lozenges as an Anticid 8300 NUSR2/2017/06/19 (June 2017 for 6 months) Ongoing
Ms. Ryna Vergina Lobo Dr. Jennifer Fernandes In vitro anti-hyperglycemic activity of unripe fruits extracts of artocarpus gomezianus 10000 NUSR2/2017/06/20 (June 2017 for 6 months) Ongoing
Mr. Joel B James Dr. Uday Venkat Mateti Assessment of Medication Knowledge among Hemodialysis Patients in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital 4000 NUSR2/2017/06/21 (June 2017 for 6 months) Completed
Ms. Geena V Dr. R Narayana Charyulu Design and characterization of aloe emodin dental implants for antimicrobial activity 7000 NUSR2/2017/06/22 (June 2017 for 6 months) Completed
Ms. Sharanya M Dr. Himanshu Joshi Standardization of leech dorsal muscle preparation as an alternative to frog rectus abdominus muscle for bioassay of acetylcholine 10000 NUSR2/2017/06/23 (June 2017 for 6 months) Ongoing
Ms. K Pavana Thimmaiah Dr. Ronald Fernandes In-Viro Urease Inhibitory activity of samanea saman (Jacq.) Merr Pods 10000 NUSR2/2017/06/24 (June 2017 for 6 months) Ongoing
Mr. Aquib Hameed Mr. Prashant Nayak Evaluation of antioxidant and Hepatoprotective activities of Borassus flabellifer fruit juice leaves and sap in Carbon Tetrachloride-Intoxicated Rats 9500 NUSR2/2017/06/25 (June 2017 for 6 months) Ongoing
Ms. Deepthi D Kodical Dr. Jane T Jacob Simultaneous Estimation of Rilpivirine and Lopinavir by RP-HPLC 10000 NUSR2/2017/06/26 (June 2017 for 6 months) Completed
Ms. Divya Rao Mr. Bharath Raj K C Study on Acute renal failure and a special focus on drug induced nephrotoxicity 5000 NUSR2/2017/06/27 (June 2017 for 6 months) Ongoing
Ms. Chaithra R Shetty Ms. Chaithra K Ms. Ashwini Mr. M Vijay Kumar Synthesis and invitro membrane stabilizing and inhibition of protein denaturation activities of novel pyrazoline derivatives 9700 NU/SR2/2016/09-04 (Apr. 2016 for 6 months) Completed
Mr. Anmol Shrestha Dr. Uday Venkat Mateti Preparation, validation and user-testing of pictogram based patient information leaflets for tuberculosis 7900 NU/SR2/2016/10-04 (Apr. 2016 for 6 months) Ongoing
Ms. Deenu Elsa Varghese Ms. Neethu Fathima Umar A cross sectional study to improve the quality of care at a tertiary care hospital by measuring patient satisfaction 5000 NU/SR2/2016/11-04 (Apr. 2016 for 6 months) Ongoing
Ms. Fathima Dr. Jainey P James In-silico physicochemical, drug-like properties and toxicity studies of some novel synthesized pyrimidine derivatives 9000 NU/SR2/2016/12-04 (Apr. 2016 for 6 months) Completed
Mr. Noah M Bose Dr. C S Shastry Comparative study of therapeutic efficacy of some salbutamol inhalers available in India 9900 NU/SR2/2016/13-04 (Apr. 2016 for 6 months) Ongoing
Ms. Fathima Nihana Dr. Abhishek Kumar Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of some novel isoxazoline incorporated pyrrole 9500 NU/SR2/2016/14-04 (Apr. 2016 for 6 months) Completed
Ms. Aysha Shumaish Dr. Pankaj Kumar Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of pyrimidine derivatives via pyrrolyl chalcones 10000 NU/SR2/2016/15-04 (Apr. 2016 for 6 months) Completed
Ms. Ambika M S Ms. Manasa Ms. Sneha Shetty Dr. B C Revanasiddappa In vitro anti hyperglycemic and anti oxidant activities of flowers of plumeria acutifolia 9900 NU/SR2/2016/16-04 (Apr. 2016 for 6 months) Completed
Ms. Rishal Relita Mendonca Mr. Sandeep D S Formulation and in vitro evaluation of herbal antimicrobial gels containing murraya koenigii leaves extract 5700 NU/SR2/2016/17-04 (Apr. 2016 for 6 months) Completed
Ms. Chaitra B N Ms. Anju S Shajahan Ms. Akshaya Kumaran K Dr. B C Revanasiddappa Antihuperlipidimic activity of Alstonia Scholar Linn 20000 NU/RG/STU/17/12-2015 Completed
Ms. Soumya Nair Ms. Yashashwini Ms. Apoorva Mr. M Vijay Kumar Synthesis and Antidepresent activity of Novel heterocyclic compounds derived from chalcones 30000 NU/RG/STU/18/12-2015 Completed
Ms. Nazreen Ms. Nishmitha Gretta D’Souza Ms. Sonal D’Souza Dr. Narayana Charyulu Development and characterization of Lip jelly containing beta vulgaris alcoholic extract for lip shade 3500 NU/RG/STU/19/12-2015 Completed
Ms. Abhishiktha Alva Ms. Anusha Bangera Ms. Divya Priya Dr. R Narayana Charyulu Formulation of Ungula drug delivery system contacting antifungal agent and characterization 7631 NU/RG/STU/20/12-2015 Completed
Ms. Banylla Felicity Ms. Ranee Kumari Dr. K Ishwar Bhat Synthesis and in vitra anti-inflammatory activity of novel pyrazoline derivatives 16625 NU/RG/STU/21/12-2015 Completed
Ms. Lidwin D’Souza Ms. Mary Zeenath Suares Ms. Shanal Smith Alva Dr. Jennifer Fernandes Synthesis and in vitro anti inflammatory activity of novel pyrazoline derivatives 20000 NU/RG/STU/22/12-2015 Completed
Mr. Justin George, Mr. Jibin Jose, Mr. Nikhil Raj Mr. Mifthaz MP Dr. Himanshu Joshi Dr. Gururaj M P Standardization of isolated chicken lleum-an-alternative tool for the bioassay: A validitive Study 10000 NURG/STU/01/7-2015 Ongoing
Mr. Aliss Mahajan Ms. Indira Ghalan Mr. Sandeep DS Mr. Jibin Jose

Formulation and in-vitro evaluation of poly herbal hand wash 11707 NURG/STU/02/7-2015 Completed
Ms. Sreelaxmi Shenoy Mr. Suharam Abdul Hameed Dr. Marina Koland Mrs. Sneh Priya Chitosan coated floating alginate beads for gastroretetive delivery of Ascorbic acid 15038 NURG/STU/03/7-2015 Completed
Mr. Mohammed Faizal Mr. Mohammed Afnan Ms. Zainabath Niloofer Dr. B C Revanasiddappa In-vitro Antioxidant property of Samanea Saman (jACQ), merrpods 24686 NURG/STU/04/7-2015 Completed
Ms. Kavitha Ms. Praveena Ms. Karolin Mary Dr. Jennifer Fernandes Ms. Jainey P James Screening of Phytochemical and Biological activity of dried fruit extracts of Artocarpus gomezianus 17063 NURG/STU/20/11-2014 Completed
Ms. Fathimath Hafsa and Ms. Kadeeja Dr. B C Revanasiddappa Dr. Ronald Fernandes In-Vitro Antioxidant activity of Samanea Saman (Jacq) Merr Pods 16789 NURG/STU/21/11-2014 Completed
Ms. Alicia Menezes and Ms. Anusha Raj Mr. Atanu Bhattacharjee Dr. K. Ishwar Bhat

Extraction, fractionation and preliminary phytochemical analysis of Coccinea grandis (Linn) and Colocasia esculenta (Linn) from Westernghat region of South Karnataka, India 16675 NURG/STU/22/11-2014 Completed
Ms. Deepthi and Ms. Aysath Rabiya Dr. Murali Badanthadka

Effect of Carica Papaya leaf – extract on Carboplatin induced anemia in Swiss albino mice 34957 NURG/STU/23/11-2014 Completed
Ms. Khadeejath Ajina CT Ms. Jajeela and Ms. Fathima Mr. Pankaj Kumar Dr. Jane T Jacob Spectroscopic Estimation of Tenofovir Alafenamide, an Antiretroviral Drug

18405 NURG/STU/24/11-2014 Completed
Mr. Abhishek Neupane & Mr. Abhishek Gurung Mr. Santanu Saha Mrs. Divya Jyothi Extraction, preliminary phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial study of leaves of Holarrhena pubescens

10370 NURG/STU/25/11-2014 Completed
Ms. Amrutha C L Ms. Ashlin Baby Ms. Derin Reona Vaz Mr. Abhishek Kumar Dr. Prerana Shetty Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of some novel pyrimidine derivatives of coumarin moiety 9488 NURG/STU/26/11-2014 Completed
Ms. Sumedha Payyal Ms. Sona VV Ms. Rini TPV Dr. Nimmy Chacko

Evaluation of Analgesic Activity of Ethanolic Extract Memecylon Umbellatum 18300 NURG/STU/27/11-2014 Completed
Ms. Rachana J Ms. Kavya KG Ms. Rahashree Ms. Valeena Lobo

Dr. Marina Koland Mrs. Sneh Priya

Pluronic Lecithin Organogels for the Transdermal Delivery of Ketoconazole 12450 NURG/STU/28/11-2014 Completed
Mr. Anil Kumar Ms. Chethana Shetty Mr. Jobin Jose Mr. Prashant Nayak

Comparative Evaluation of in-vitro antioxidant activity of bark, flowers and fruit extracts of plant pongamia pinnata 18109 NURG/STU/29/11-2014 Completed
Mr. Jesanto Mathew

Mr. Amit B Patil Dr. Mudit Dixit Simultaneous Estimation and in Vitro in Vivo Correlation of Antihypertensive Buccal Patches Containing Atenolol and Nifedipine

58600 NURG/STU/30/11-2014 Completed
Ms. Anit Tresa Kurian & Ms. Deeksha U Suvarna Mr. Sandeep D S Dr. Vijaya C Doddangoudar

Assessments of the incidence of substandard / countrified tablets for selected antimicrobial agents in Mangalore 6000 NURG/STU/31/11-2014 Completed
Ms. Sofia Sunny & Ms. Thrpthi Shetty Dr. R Narayana Charyulu Mr. Prashant Nayak Preparation of gels containing ethanolic extract of Anacardium Occidentale and Characterisation 11700 NURG/STU/32/11-2014 Completed
Mr. Sourav Kumar Jha, Ms. Sanija & Ms. Swetha Shetty Dr. Prasanna Shama Khandige Dr. Ullas Prakash D’Souza Evaluation of Analgesic Activity of Ethanolic extract of Euphorbia Hirta 7140 NURG/STU/33/11-2014 Completed
Mr. Shanon Ben Mascarenhas, Mr. Ananth Prabhu & Ms. Shruthi Dr. R Narayana Charyulu

Preparation and Evaluation of Dental Gel of Dalbergia Sissoo Extract for Peridontitis 5123 NURG/STU/34/11-2014 Completed
Mr. M Vijay Kumar

Dr. B. C. Revanasiddappa

In-vitro Pharmacological Investigation of Desmodium triflorum and Soyamida febrifuga for Antidiabetic, Anti arithmetic and Anti urolithiatic Studies 34945 NURG/STU/35/11-2014 Completed