Blood donation camp

Oct 1, 2021

The Youth Red Cross unit of NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences in association with the Blood Bank of Justice K S Hegde Charitable Hospital organized a blood donation camp on 1st October 2021 on the occasion of the "National Voluntary Blood Donation Day".

The Camp was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. CS Shastry, Principal along with Dr. R Narayana Charyulu, Vice Principal. The Principal, in his welcome address explained the significance of organizing blood donation camps and said that despite medical and technological advances, blood cannot be made artificially and hence donations are the only means to provide blood to those who are in dire need and give them a new lease of life. By donating blood, the donor gets an opportunity to participate in the yeoman service to mankind of alleviating human suffering. Conducting regular voluntary blood donation camps would ensure blood banks to have adequate, round the clock availability of blood units during emergency situation. He motivated the staff and students to participate in the blood donation with an interesting analogy relating to the jasmine cultivation where just like the farmer burns the old jasmine plant before cultivating new ones, similarly our body produces fresh blood as soon as the existing blood is drawn out.

All the NSS volunteers, teaching and non-teaching staff attended the program. 30 students donated blood. Dr. Santanu Saha, NSS program officer of the college proposed the vote of thanks. Certificate of appreciation as a token of gratitude was given to donors.