Department of Pharmacy Practice

Department of Pharmacy Practice

Department of Pharmacy Practice

The Department of Pharmacy Practice of NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Science was established in the year 2010 at Justice K.S. Hegde Hospital, Deralakatte. This department is committed to excellence in teaching and service. It specializes in clinical Pharmacy services. The department provides services to the community and the health care professionals through the terms of patient counselling, drug information services, Drug therapy management and pharmacovigilance. The department has a team of dedicated and well trained faculties. They represent the values, ethics, and attitudes of the profession for their students. We offer systematic education and training process for all the programs. The coursework of the department covers the core areas of pharmacy practice. Moreover, the clinical rotations program provides experiential learning opportunities in professional practice. Furthermore, we manage a drug information centre to share informative articles and knowledge with other healthcare practitioners as and when required. We also have a patient counselling centre to meet the needs of the patients who require information about their medications. Our department is also actively participating in pharmacovigilance activities, where we monitor and report the adverse drug reactions identified in the hospital. The department offers various programs which include Pharm D, Pharm D (PB), M. Pharm in Pharmacy Practice and Ph.D.

To achieve a centre of excellence in practice based learning and providing best pharmaceutical care services.

To educate the students in the practice of pharmacy for providing best pharmaceutical care services to the patients and health care organizations.

  • Encouraging students to develop skills required for providing excellent pharmaceutical care services in the clinical scenario as well as in the management of hospital and community pharmacy
  • To generate potential knowledge for interpreting laboratory investigations and to study the pharmacotherapy required for the management of certain diseases states.
  • To provide students regarding the concepts of new drug development process, regulatory requirement for effective clinical research and the significant roles and responsibilities of the investigators
  • To train the students for practicing evidence based medicine in clinical scenario and should be able to monitor and assess adverse drug reactions
  • To develop awareness among students concerning patient specific pharmacokinetic parameters for designing the drug dosage regimen
  • To expertise them in the area of pharmacoeconomic evaluations and pharmacoepidemiological models, its applications in clinical settings.
  • To communicate proficiently and effectively among patients and health care professionals
  • To manage hospital and community pharmacy services efficiently
  • To possess excellent knowledge in pharmacotherapy
  • To recognize the regulatory and ethical requirements in clinical trials
  • To practice evidence based medicine by understanding the concepts in quality use of medicines.
  • To monitor, identify, assess the adverse drug reactions
  • To apply pharmacokinetic principles in designing individualized dosage regimen.
  • To analyze and resolve pharmacokinetic interactions
  • To apply pharmacoeconomic evaluations and pharmacoepidemological models
  • To develop professional competence by cultivating the habit of incessant learning
  • Able to apply the knowledge gained from the courses of the program
  • Capable to manage hospital and community pharmacy settings
  • Ability to do clinical pharmacy services and interact with interdisciplinary health care providers
  • Competent to manage various responsibilities in clinical trials and pharmaceutical industries
  • To have research aptitude
  • Should follow the values, ethics, and attitudes of the profession

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Programs & Courses

Pharm D Program

Pharm D or Doctor of Pharmacy is a professional degree program. The duration of the entire programme is six years which includes an internship for a period one year. The students will undergo internship in various departments of the hospital during the sixth year. Successfully completing the program will lead to Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The program is designed to train students in the area of clinical pharmacy, pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical care. Core subjects include Pharmacotherapeutics, hospital and Community Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Toxicology, Clinical Research, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Biostatistics and Research Methodology and Clerkship. Once the study duration is successfully completed the students will gain skills in pharmacotherapy of diseases, therapeutic usage of drugs, monitoring of patients, patient counselling, etc

The Pharm D graduates will have plentiful and diverse career options. To name some, Clinical Pharmacist in a health care organizations, pharmacovigilance and new drug development process in pharmaceutical industry, as a part of clinical research team in clinical research organizations, community pharmacist in public health sector, research and development, insurance companies and academics

Pharm D (Post Baccalaureate) Program

Pharm D (Post Baccalaureate) is also a professional degree program which has similar features of Pharm D program. A graduate of pharmacy from any institution that is recognized by the Pharmacy council of India is eligible to pursue this program. The duration of this professional post-graduate program is three years which includes an internship for a period one year. The students will undergo internship in various departments of the hospital during the third year.

M. Pharm- Pharmacy Practice

Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacy Practice is a postgraduate course. The eligibility required for the admission to the course is to qualify in B. Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) from recognized institute. The duration of the study is two years. The curriculum will have four semesters. Core subjects include Clinical pharmacy practice, Pharmacotherapeutics, hospital and Community Pharmacy, Clinical research, Principles of quality use of medicines, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Clinical pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic drug monitoring. Moreover the students will be exposed to various departments of the hospitals and trained in areas such, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical care, pharmacovigilance, drug information services and patient counselling.

Successful completion of this program one can find suitable career in areas such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Clinical research organisations and Universities.


Thrust Areas of Research

The department has expertise in diverse areas such as: Ward Round Participation, Drug Information Services, Patient Counseling and Education, Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring, Drug-Drug and Drug-Food Interactions monitoring, Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome research, Assessment of Evidence for Therapeutics

The students are pursuing various projects in the area of patient Counseling and Education for Anemia in Pregnancy and Hemodialysis patients, Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring for Cancer and TB patients, Assessment of Drug-Drug Interactions for monitoring Cancer patients and Treatment Cost analysis for Hemodialysis and Diabetes patients.

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The faculty has been awarded the prestigious travel grants from the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology, Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer, European Society for Medical Oncology, International Society of Hypertension and Indian Council of Medical Research for their scholarly work to participate and present the papers.

The Department has also received the Seminar Grant worth of 40000 INR from the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi in the year 2017. The faculty also received the best paper presentations awards in the National level conferences organized by APTI and JSS University, Mysore.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

  • Pharmacovigilance Program of India - ADR Monitoring Centre
  • Patient Counselling Centre
  • Drug and Poison Information Centre
  • Pharmaceutical Care Services
  • Drug Therapy Monitoring