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The Department of Pharmacology offers a bachelor and masters degree in Pharmacology. The department has an undergraduate lab and a postgraduate lab which is equipped with facilities such as Sherrington’s Kymograph machine, Perspex bath assembly, Actophotometer, Rotarod, Pole climbing apparatus, Analgesiometer (Eddy’s hot plate and radiant heat methods), Convulsiometer, Plethysmograph and several instruments to evaluate psychopharmacological agents.

Thrust areas of the department
Molecular Biology Pharmacological Screening of compounds
Toxicity studies
CNS Pharmacology

Activities The department has two funded projects and several collaborative works with educational institutions of the area. Preclinical screening of the drugs and extracts are being carried out in the department and this service is also extended to the researchers from outside the institution.

The department boasts of a state of the art animal house facility research projects related to neuropsychopharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology and ethinopharmacology are conducted


Dr. C. S. Shastry, Principal
Dr. Prasanna Shama, HOD & Assistant Professor Grade-III
Dr. Prashanth Shetty, Professor
Dr. Murali B, Professor
Dr. Ullas P D’Souza, Assistant Professor Grade-III
Dr. Himanshu Joshi, Assistant Professor Grade-III
Dr. Gururaj M. P, Assistant Professor Grade-III
Dr. Nimmy Chacko, Assistant Professor Grade-III
Mrs. Zeena Fernandes, Assistant Professor Grade-I

The department has conducted research activities in collaboration with Mangaluru University.