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External Funded Research Projects – Complete

External Funded Research Projects – Completed
Sl. No. Year of Commencement Title of the Project Principal Investigator Co-invesigator Funding Agency Amount (Rs)
1 2013 Radioprotective effect of Tanacetum Parthenium (Feverfew) plant extract with the synthetic Parthenolide on the organs of Swiss Albino Mice Dr. D. Prashanth Shetty - Govt. of India, BRNS, New Delhi 1279000
2 2012 Pharmacological evaluation of Bio-active molecules from the plants mentioned in Indian system of medicine for the treatment of cognitive disorders Dr.C.S.Shastry - K-FIST 2000000
3 2011 Evaluation of Radio Protective Potential of Some Indigenous Medicinal Plants of Western Ghats of Karnataka having Phytochemicals containing Thio Moiety Dr. C. S. Shastry Dr. Balakrishna Kalluraya Professor Dept. of Chemistry Mangalore University Govt. of India, BRNS, New Delhi 1414883
4 2012 Modernisation of Pharmaceutics laboratory Dr. R. Narayana Charyulu - MODROBS (AICTE) 1000000
5 2011 A Study on Antivenin Property of Root Extract of Coix lachrymajobi for the Treatment of Indian Poisonous Snakes Venoms. Dr. C Vaman Rao Professor and Head, Dept of Biotechnology NMAMIT, Nitte. Dr. K. Ishwar Bhat DBT Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi 378000
6 2011 Development of effective fungicidal agent for the management of aracanut decease Dr. C. S. Shastry Mr, Pankaj Kumar CAMPCO


7 2009 Investigation of colon specificity of polysaccharides in prodrug synthesis and formulation Dr. D. Satyanarayana Dr. Prabhakar Prabhu RGUHS 30000
8 2008 Formulation and evaluation of Polymeric In situ gels containing anti fungal drugs Dr. R. Narayana Charyulu Mr. Harish N. M. RGUHS 50000