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NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Alumni Association (NIPSAA) is an active group of the alumni of the college. The purpose of the association is to support and strengthen the activities of the Institute through participation in Pharmacy education, Research, Industry, Hospital and Community Pharmacy in addition to contributing to the career and personal growth of its members.

It also provides a platform to all the alumni of the college to come together and be in contact with each other.

The association has the following objectives:
Support the career growth and improvement programmes of the members
Monitoring the students of the Institute
Supporting the students through personal interaction and academic activities
Organising seminars / symposia / workshop etc. jointly with the Institute for the benefit of students and faculty

Supporting and collaborating with the Institution in its efforts to realise the Institute”s mission and motto
Any other matter concerning the welfare and growth of the members as decided from time to time

Members & Membership fees
Students who have completed their B.Pharm/M.Pharm courses at the Institute are the members of the association.
Teaching faculty who have studied in the Institute are also members of the association. They function as coordinators.
A life membership fee of Rs. 100/- is collected from the students at the time of completion of the course and from those who have graduated from the Institute and are serving as faculty members.
The teaching faculty other than the Principal will be honorary members of the association and need not pay the fee.

Office of the association
The office of the association is located in the college premises.

The association functions through a coordinators committee selected by the Principal. The honorary members are not eligible to hold office in the association.

The Principal of the Institute is the president of the association at all times. The president is assisted by three coordinators who are selected for a period of two years. The members together with the president shall be responsible for the day to day management of the association. The coordinators committee frame rules and regulations for the administration of the association and from time-to-time add to, alter or amend the said rules and regulations which are rectified by the members in the annual general meeting.

Duties and Responsibilities
The president will preside over all the meetings of the coordinators committee and the annual general body and direct the smooth functioning of the association. The coordinators shall assist the president in discharging his official duties. In the absence of the president, the coordinators shall preside over the meetings.

The coordinators will maintain records of the association. Members of the association will be notified of the meeting at least 15 days prior to the date. He/she will record the proceedings of the meeting, prepare the minutes and circulate the same among the concerned members within 10 days of the meeting under the presidents/coordinators signature.

The president calls for meetings of the coordinators committee. The coordinators in consultation with the president convene the meetings of the association. Members are then informed of the same by email/ post/telephone. The annual general body meeting is held at a convenient place as decided by the committee. There will be atleast 2 committee meetings in an academic year.